Paul Mooney...can kiss my Irish Ass!

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Paul Mooney...can kiss my Irish Ass!

Post by Jennifer »

Paul Mooney, you know the bastard that keeps riding Richard's coat-tails...yeah...ya know the one: everytime he talks about Richard, he embelishes his work with Richard.
He worked with him on of many collaborators, and also on RP Variety Show, one of a myriad of writers...but to listen to Paul...he'd have you thinking he invented Richard and wrote all his shit! Ok, so it's that Paul Mooney.
You know, Rain too...yeah, the sad, angry daughter who has no career, barely knew her father and has no understanding of him as a man or a comedian.
These two sad sacks were on The Green Room, each doing their thing: Paul telling some dreary story about how he created Richard and Rain commented when asked, "did Richard hate white people?":
"No, he loved white women and they killed him"...

now, I don't know what they exactly meant...but I will say this: not only unfunny and racist but if that comment is directed at me or Rain's mother, who is white, your father would disagree with you...
This white Irish bitch, kept your father alive Rain and loved him with all my heart...and he loved me, something you will never understand.
I suggest you get into therapy and direct your anger at wherever it belongs...instead of me. As for Paul, he's just a sad, old bitter man now.
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Re: Paul Mooney...can kiss my Irish Ass!

Post by bingolong »

Yeah I saw that episode of Green Room and wondered about that...not a cool insinuation at glad you addressed this
I went to Zimbabwe. I know how white people feel in America now; relaxed! Cause when I heard the police car I knew they weren't coming after me! 
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