Ronnie James Dio R.I P.

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Ronnie James Dio R.I P.

Post by EddieHill »

Dio was a famous singer that sang and played bass in Elf before he joined Rainbow , Black Sabbath,Dio, Black Sabbath,Dio, and Heaven & Hell. He passed last sunday due to cancer.At age 67 he was able to singe better than most classic heavy metal rock artists without missing a beet almost to the day he died.His work was great because his voice was almost perfect without screaming and growling like artists due today where you cannot understand what they are singing about.He is missed by many and I hope they do a star studded tribute show and remember him as one of the greatest singers that ever lived. He is very blessed to have a wife like Wendy and I wish her and the rest of their family peace and happiness in their time of sorrow.Dio`s music will live forever.
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Re: Ronnie James Dio R.I P.

Post by hellifiknow »

I got to see Dio with Sabbath in 1980(?) and he was freaking awesome, it was near the start of the tour and us die hard Ozzie fans were not happy...people get pissed but have to be honest, when the show started and his voice rose above the music I was looking up and wondered why the hell they had a midget dressed like a elf on stage...but the man blew us away, by the second song we was Ozzie who?

Great voice...Great person...Huge loss
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