Mitch Mitchell has died

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Mitch Mitchell has died

Post by tamra »

strange circumstances surrounding his death @ only 61 yrs old. Mitchell dies yesterday morning @ a hotel he was staying at in Portland.

did anyone catch the you tube video walrusjk posted featuring a jam session with Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Keith Richards and Mitch Mitchell. a great showcase of his talent. ):)
huh? what? who? damn, I'm always the last to know.
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Re: Mitch Mitchell has died

Post by EddieHill »

tamra, He just finished a tour with the Experiance with special quest guitar players and singers to fill in for Jimi. I think the only one left now is Chas Chandler. I think the guys from The Band Of Gypsys might all be dead too. This is a shame I never seen these guys play live. I am glad that I got a couple of this years Experiance shows on cd from .
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