R.P. chronology: concert dates?

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R.P. chronology: concert dates?

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Hi everyone -

Strictly for my own amusement, I've been putting together a professional chronology for Richard Pryor's career. I've already assembled what I think is a comprehensive list of TV air dates, movie premiere dates and album release dates.

Where I could use help is with live performance dates. I have several dozen, but I know I'm missing lots. My general impression of his performing arc is that he:

* worked clubs more or less constantly from ca. 1963-69;
* did sporadic dates in 1970-71 while he was in Berkeley;
* performed very little in 1972 and most of '73 while trying to catch on in movies;
* played in clubs and auditoriums for most of 1974 and '75;
* performed very little in 1976 and '77;
* toured auditoriums throughout the fall of 1978
* seldom performed live from 1979-82, aside from drop-ins at the Comedy Store
* toured auditoriums in the summer and fall of 1983;
* almost never performed live after that, other than a brief 1992-93 tour and again occasionally at the Comedy Store.

Do any members of this forum have recollections of having seen Pryor live? Any dates or locations would be helpful.

And if the site administrators have access to any tour itineraries or other helpful info, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much.

- Dan Heilman
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