Pryor's Legacy

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Pryor's Legacy

Post by danithag »

Today I found this Bill Hicks collection at Amazon: ... 982&sr=8-1

It is a new collection they have released of Bill Hicks, containting 2 cd's and 2 dvd's, and heaps and heaps of unseen material. Already there is quite a lot of Bill Hicks material out there, they seem to keep digging up old stuff. But they don't seem to do this with Richard. What I often think about is why we dont see something similiar in regards of Pryors stand up? Myself I have found several clips on youtube I had never seen before. As his 2 spots at the midnight special, a spot at the comedy store, a spot in black and white from the improv, and I just ordered SNL season 1 as it contains segements of Richard performing stand up at the show. I would love to see someone make a similiar DVD and gather all these clips on pryor on a dvd. As they do excist out there. Maybe like a revolution evolution but on dvd. Also I heard live in concert was shoot 2 different times so for sure there must be even more footage there? Bill Hicks documentary American was also very, very good. But we have yet to see a great pryor documentary. In many ways I hope they will relase more of Pryor in the future, as clearly the material do excist out there, because as we all know Richard is the greatest of all time. Anything with Richard would be great, even him bombing, for a true comedy fan like myself every new clip I manage to find of Richard blows me away. So I really hope someone can gather all of this and do him complete justice. ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related
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Re: Pryor's Legacy

Post by Jennifer »

fantastic for him...long overdue!
thank you for posting!
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