Just Saying Hello & Sending Love + Blessings

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Just Saying Hello & Sending Love + Blessings

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It's been a while since my last post but I'm back now...
I have been "feeling" Richard all around me lately, as if he's telling me that I am on the "right" path, as far as a new career for myself goes. So, does ANYBODY have a guess?

I've been writing comedy.

It took a while for the words that my "Uncle" Richard wrote to me (I wish I could find that email now, damn-it!) so long ago to sink in. As of late, (slowly but surely) I have been reading things I've written over the years & really listening to my inner voice (the dreamer~"I know you can...")

And these things are ALL telling me exactly what "the man" himself said... I believe it was something like,
"You are one funny fucking mother."

I just thought it was a good idea to share this with you. And to say THANK YOU... to "Uncle" Richard, "Aunt" Jennifer,
Sweet Trudy and ALL who read this forum.

May you ALL be blessed in love & laughter.
With Respect Always,

Rev/Mrs Diana Holliday
& The Holliday Hellraisers (hubby, LOT & our kids)
*Hollywood, CA*
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