STOP tiger put your hands up or I'll shoot

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STOP tiger put your hands up or I'll shoot

Post by tamra »

WHAT THE FUCK??? first I have an issue with caging lions, tigers, bears or any wild animal. but if it's gonna be done, do it right.

I've been to that same SF Zoo before. the lion and tiger areas are too damn small for large wild animals to NOT feel trapped and threatened, or pose threat to public.

so I heard the full police briefing on the shooting of Tatiana the tiger at the SF Zoo. she was in the process of mauling another victim. (there was time to stand around, but no time to get tranquilzer gun.) the officers yelled stop. go fucking figure, the tiger didn't throw its hands up and walk sheepishly over to await cuffs. (there was STILL time to get tranquilzer gun.) the tiger responding to being yelled by moving directly towards the cops, like "do you know who or what I am??"

the UNARMED tiger was shot with a gun, not sedated, shot and killed. where the fuck is Sharpton or ACLU when you really need them? @.@

anyone else not have a problem with this? tigers are rare, beautiful and WILD animals, meaning should not be kept as pets, which is basically what the zoo is doing.

and if my house cat can turn a door knob, I wouldn't put anything past a wild cat when it wants out. @.@

that tiger was probably saying, "what? another fucking steak??"
huh? what? who? damn, I'm always the last to know.
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