46 horses destin for Slaughter need help

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46 horses destin for Slaughter need help

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Hi Everyone,

Here is today’s urgent rescue effort. The coordinators are Carol and Careen. Based on input they received from the FOB’s they made arrangements (written sales agreement in hand) to rescue a total of 46 horses that are destined for slaughter. 22 of the 46 have been rescued but we still need funds for the remaining horses. The horses are owned by a couple that they know very well. Apparently the man purchased the horses originally with the intent to sell them but has been unsuccessful at doing so and now his wife has told him they have to go. So he has made arrangements for them to be shipped to slaughter (36 are already gone and the 46 are what was left). He has cancelled the scheduled Thursday pickup of the remaining horses not already rescued based on Carol and Careen’s assurance that they could come up with enough funds to cover the remaining horses. However if the remaining funds cannot be raised, they will go.

PLEASE, I know there have been a lot of donations lately but there are so many people who come to this message board and if everyone donates just $20 then we will have more than enough funds ($8300) to cover the remaining horses. Due to the extreme time constraint on this one it has been requested that if at all possible, all donations be made thru Pay Pal and not via snail mail. Any checks received will be used for Coggins and not rescue.

Deadline is Thursday, June 7th. Last amount reported that still needed to be raised was $7200 for rescue and $800 for Coggins.

Paypal donations for the horses ransoms ($300 each) can be sent to: careenc@msn.com

For for the Coggins (we need $800) please paypal Val Hinderlider @ breakheartranch@gtmc.net


Coggins is for 46horses@ $20 per horse

*$40 for the farm call and paypal fees. We estimate this at just about $800-

*Since there are so many horses and they are not all halter broke-- this will be a very long day for all concerned--

we are not sure that a regular farm visit will cover this farm call-- Hence we are estimating $800 for Coggins and health papers necessary for interstate transport.

All donations for coggins are tax deductble and must be paypaled to this address:


this is FOBe's grandma's email/paypal address-- she is the coordinator for dispersal of the 46 horses...

Please understand that there are several of us coordinating our efforts to get this done in an expeditious way.

We are grateful to all our friends and associates who have partnered to make this miracle manifest...

Thank you all for your patience, it is most appreciated.


pay pal information to save 46 horse @$300 a piece please paypal careenc@msn.com

to pay for the coggins @ about $800 please paypal Val Hinderlider

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Re: 46 horses destin for Slaughter need help

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