An Amazing Mothers Day weekend Rescue

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An Amazing Mothers Day weekend Rescue

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Mother's Day Weekend Miracle!

At approximately 1:30 p.m. on Friday, May 11, 2007, we received an interesting call regarding Cavel International, the slaughterhouse located in DeKalb, IL..

It seems this mare was unloaded into one of their kill pens and at that point, lay down and gave birth to a beautiful little colt! What a surprise blessing and miracle! They hooked up the trailer and went not quite knowing what would be found.

To their delight, they picked up a lovely sorrel mare with quite a stunning new colt at her side. She would not allow anyone to touch her and was difficult to load because of the set-up there, but after baby was put in the trailer, she hopped right down and inside herself.

It is obvious to anyone who who sees her that she was been starved for a while, as she is a couple of hundred pounds underweight. The moment they were off-loaded at the Center, she started her recuperation with a nice pile of grass hay. She has been loving her diet since that time.

She is an attentive mother and her son seems to be in fine health and condition considering the ordeal they both have been through. We have had the vet out to examine her and pull Coggins. She has some minor health conditions which are now being treated, but overall, she is in good shape. Her age has been estimated to be between 15 and 17 years old and she is now wearing a halter.

We have named her "Lucky Penny" due to her coloring and the situation she survived from.

[img] ... y20Mom.jpg[/img]

Rescued By-
Lazy Maple Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, NFP
2622 Kane Road
Leland, IL 60531
(815) 495-4081
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Re: An Amazing Mothers Day weekend Rescue

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What a beautiful photo and great story! Thanks for posting and for caring about the animals!
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