Dog sexually abused now they are going to kill it HELP

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Dog sexually abused now they are going to kill it HELP

Post by akasooner »

This is some crazy shit to say the least this pervert needs to be castrated !

Please, please, please sign this petition at the bottom of this post!

In case you are unaware of the situation:

* Wife photographs husband sexually abusing their family pet on their porch. He was having intercourse when she used her cell phone to take pics and turn them into the police.
Here is the news report

Now, the man is in jail awaiting trial( now out on $20,000 bond) but the wife PUT THE DOG IN A SHELTER WHERE THEY ARE GOING TO PUT HER TO SLEEP!!

Please, please, please sign this petition!

This poor little girl is going to be PUT TO SLEEP!!! The wife put her into a shelter where they do not allow rescues for Pits!! She did nothing wrong!!!! She was RAPED!! by her monster/owner!!! Now She is going to be killed because she was a victim???? Please please PLEASE help her!!!!!

So far this petition has gotten over 1000 signatures over night. Lets keep it up


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