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Help Save The Geese!!! Please...

Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2006 11:19 am
by Jennifer
I did a radio interview this morning in Albany, NY trying to save the Geese. - Save The Geese'

Don't kill the geese!

In Scotia, New York, despite public outcry, Mayor Michael McLaughlin and the Board of Trustees are unwavering in their decision to slaughter 150 helpless Canada Geese at Collins Lake.

At an undisclosed date and time, they plan to capture the geese in secret, gas the geese, and bury the bodies in a mass grave.

[img] ... slings.jpg[/img]

Killing healthy families of geese for pure aesthetics is inhumane, wrong, and incomprehensible. It sends a strong message that killing is okay. Imagine a child telling his parents, "Mom, Dad, I don't like our pet dog any more. Let's kill it!" Next, imagine a parent carrying this request out. THIS IS WRONG!

Though McLaughlin and the Trustees claim they have researched and attempted alternative methods to remove the geese, their efforts have been minimal.

Killing the geese will NOT solve the problem. More geese will populate Collins Lake.

Numerous local and national organizations have offered their services (many for free) to have the geese relocated. McLaughlin and the Trustees have declined these generous offers, preferring the slaughter solution that will cost taxpayers $2800.

PLEASE help stop Mayor McLaughlin and the Trustees from committing this heinous act! Read the sidebars to the right and take action now!