Military dick

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Military dick

Post by rassler »

A guy comes home from the war. He tells his wife, "Guess what? I got me a military dick." His wife says, "A what?" He says," a military dick." The guy drops his pants and says, "Attention!" His dick gets hard. He says, "At ease!" His dick goes limp. His wife calls her sister into the room and tells him to show her. He says, "Attention!" and his dick gets hard. He says, "At ease!" but his dick stays hard. He says, "At ease!" His dick stays hard. The guy lays on the floor and starts jacking off. His wife asks, "What the hell are you doing?" The guy says, "I'm giving this sumbitch a dishonorable discharge."
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Re: Military dick

Post by tclodes »

Did someone say "military dick"?
Force always attracts men of low morality. 
- Albert Einstein
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