What are yall watching this TV season?

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What are yall watching this TV season?

Post by bingolong »

I wasnt trying to get wrapped up in TV this season but now I'm on The Event and tonight this show No Ordinary Family. Got hooked on Weeds (does that sound right)over the summer in reruns....other things on the DVR for the week:
Bill Maher
Eastbound and Down
plus more
...ust dont know how Im going to watch it all!!
What are yall watching over there?
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Re: What are yall watching this TV season?

Post by hellifiknow »

I watched a lot of Weeds and Dexter the first couple of seasons but not since, probably should catch up but Dex lost me when he didn't kill that english bitch after the first date....my tv time seems to happen during Cheyennne and Have gun will Travel reruns :lol:

the kids are watching anything with Les Stroud/Survivorman or Cody Lundin/Dual Survival...Cody's bad ass, love that dude!
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Re: What are yall watching this TV season?

Post by tamra »


Weeds - which has gotten whacked!! I miss me some Thalia
Unsung - I cry through nearly all of them esp Tammy Terrel story. wow

Desperate Housewives - with addition of Vanessa L. Williams, it is a blast! and end season plot already heating up

Maher's ok but he pissed me off by inviting Andrew Breitbart onto his show. what a creep.

other than that, news, not much good on. oh and Family Guy, Cleveland Show and The Amazing Race
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