The DARK KNIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The DARK KNIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[Font size=7 face=t color=navy]The Dark Knight[/font][Font size=4 face=a color=navy][/font]

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[img] ... night7.jpg[/img]

[img]http://politicsoffthegrid.files.wordpre ... _joker.jpg[/img]

[img] ... rious1.jpg[/img]

[img] ... a6ee_b.jpg[/img]

I saw this at a midnight showing thursday and well it was worth it. I went to go see it saturday again. I'll try and see it again soon. It is very dark and also deep.

Everyone in here is just great. Aaron Eckhart in his role as Harvey Dent is how his transformation plays out and if you know the character of Harvey Dent you'll see.

Heath Ledger as Joker is his own Joker. If someone were to go see this and not even know who was playing the Joker they be walking away not even noticing that it was him. At times while I was watching, I kept saying to myself "oh yeah this is Heath Ledger". There's talk of him receiving an oscar nomination for this and he does deserve one. It's as good a villian as Javier Bardem played Aton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men. He won an award for that too and this does deserve to be in that category.

Now what I notice is that there's this big comparison match of who's better at this than the other but after seeing this, there shouldn't be any comparing. Because they are really very seperate entities.

Well it's a great great great film. Oh, there's a great magic trick............ ]:o)

[img] ... poster.jpg[/img]

[img] ... -16-08.jpg[/img]

[img] ... 135524.jpg[/img]

[img] ... 299031.jpg[/img]

[img] ... Joker2.jpg[/img]

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[img] ... Joker9.jpg[/img]/center]

[img] ... Joker6.jpg[/img]

[img] ... /joker.jpg[/img]

[img] ... oker11.jpg[/img]

[img] ... ht-p02.jpg[/img]

[img] ... ht-p03.jpg[/img]

[img] ... ight_3.jpg[/img]

..... here's a trailer or two for reference.

[Font size=5 face=t color=navy]The Dark Knight[/font][Font size=4 face=a color=navy]: first Trailer[/font]

[Font size=5 face=t color=navy]The Dark Knight[/font][Font size=4 face=a color=navy]: Trailer 2[/font]

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Re: The DARK KNIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes that magic trick was awesome!!! ]:o)

Movie was great!!!!!!!! No overhype as I was suspecting initially
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