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Talk to me

Post by rsmayton »

I swear, can Don Cheadle make a bad movie? Let me rephrase that. Can Don Cheadle make a bad movie other than Volcano? Definately worth checking out. If someone hads mentioned this in a previous post, 1000 pardons.
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Re: Talk to me

Post by tamra »


apparently not :) and he also makes movies better and worth seeing. I loved him in A Lesson Before Dying w/Mehkai Phfeiffer and Irma P. Hall. and even in Colors w/Robert Duvall & Sean Penn. he can pretty much play any role, and well.

and just saw him on an episode of Fresh Prince which shows how far he's come and how good he always was. ):)

Talk To Me was/is Oscar worthy. we'll see what happens at next nomination ceremony. ;)
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Re: Talk to me

Post by bingolong »

Wasbeenup!? Yeah he is a damn good character actor and did his thing in "Talk To Me"....had me doing a search on the real guy to compare!!!

The first movie I rmember him in is as a guy working the drive thru on a flick called "Moving Vilations" with Bill Murrays's younge brother....blink and you will miss him LOL
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