New Van Halen picture

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Re: New Van Halen picture

Post by EddieHill »

blumustard, All righty then, lets here it for Wolfgang! Did Dave cut his hair to look like Gary Cherone? They are going to fuck the fans once more with a best of or, anthology of the Dave years. No new songs , not even remasters of Me Wise Magic or the other track from Vol.1 I might go see them but I do not think either them or Black Sabbath Dio Years {Heaven & Hell} are comming to Saint Louis. Most classic rock early metal bands are headed out to the pasture and will vanish, because everyone is getting so old. Even Metallica is only a little older than me. Thanks for posting the picture.
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Re: New Van Halen picture

Post by Murphdogg »

blumustard, lord Eddie looks bad.
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Re: New Van Halen picture

Post by blumustard »


The reunion is off..LOL
oohh lord..
What a saga uh?
Maybe we'll see Hagar and Roth at the Rock n roll hall of fame.But LA times said it was all off..the tour etc.

b.b This is fucking torture..
Eddie looks pretty fucked up.. :(
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Re: New Van Halen picture

Post by tamra »


awww, Wolfgang is a cutie. somehow, I had a feeling the tour wasn't going to happen. yanno, if I didn't enjoy them so much, I would crack my Van Halen LPs over my knee and toss them out the window! :lol:

but instead gonna send the mafia kitty over to work things out to make tour happen, yanno, make them an offer. ;-)
huh? what? who? damn, I'm always the last to know.
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