deadwood is cancelled...

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deadwood is cancelled...

Post by Murphdogg »

I just found out one of the few shows I watch on tv is cancelled..I'm pisssssed, Al Swerenger was one of my favorite tv characters.
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Re: deadwood is cancelled...

Post by tamra »


yup I hate it when unique shows like this are cancelled. another example of people wanting the same shit over and over and too afraid to try something new. I was shocked Six Feet Under did so well. all the characters were unique, as well as the story line.

ever notice all the popular actresses resemble another?? and all the hot shows are based upon folks who look like them??

just a few examples of repeats:

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Audrey Hepburn (a little bit, but love Audrey)
Lindsay Lohan - Ann Margaret
Britney & Paris - combo of all the blonde bombshells. but for Paris, don't know what she did other than be born into $$ but the media, kids and adults hang on her next move to copy or sell something.

even little Dakota Fanning resembles Kate Hudson/Goldie Hawn

and I just saw an actress who looked like a young Julia Roberts. again, just recycling same look over and over.

hollywood is too afraid to push the envelope but has/wants to keep pushing what sells, because the persons who are buying it only want to see the same bull over and over again. so much so that hollywood has to make up an image/profile for actress/actor which the buying folks run out to mimick, like lemmings. even an actress/actor can't be themselves, or do unique things, they have to sell what the public wants.

until the buying folks get tired, then it will remain the same. this is why I spend my $$ and time on other things that vary in look, style, etc. and support things that buck the "trend" because it promotes tolerance of others who are not the same.
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