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the Whale Tilikum

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 6:05 am
by abnormalandbitchy
Ok sooo Am i the only one hella pissed that people really want to kill this whale .. need I remind people that this is a KILLER whale it is a wild animal it has wild instincts what you can not train out of an animal no matter how much you may think you can , These trainers go in knowing the risk and they take them because they love these animals , We has HUMANS took this animal from the wild we brought it to a domestic setting and expect it to conform and adapt to what we believe it should be Killing it will not benefit anyone setting it free is essentally killing it as well , Once again the humans have done damage it is to late to let this animal go they have to accept what they done and realize the animal is just being what it is.. ]:o(

Re: the Whale Tilikum

Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:58 am
by tamra

I know, first thing I said: it's a killer whale. ever heard of whale watching tours where the animal is in its natural habitat instead of bringing it to a confined unnatural habitat and expecting a KILLER WHALE to change??

sad. then killer whale placed into timeout. WTF. if anything, I think the KILLER whale was being gentle, playing, but since it doesn't have hands used its mouth to play with dangling hair. hell, even my cat grabs my shoelaces when I walk by, causing me to trip and fall. I don't slap or isolate her, I realize she's hunting the shoelace.

between this and two wild animals escaping to highways in Georgia (zebra and a buffalo), it's getting crazy. the only ones with sense are the animals 8-O

Re: the Whale Tilikum

Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:39 am
by abnormalandbitchy
You are so right , Yes a trainer is gone someones daughter , sister mother but I believe like they said she would not want that animal harmed in anyway not even a time out .. for fuck sake you didnt seen , um I think its was Roy who was attacked by the tiger .. saying Kill it ! He said that the tiger was helping him , The tiger sensed something wasnt right and tried to help him just as it would one of its cubs , he fought to save that tigers life and people should be fighting to say hey this animal was just being itself that is all. And leave it be remember the work this woman did with the animals and how much she cared about what she was doing.

O yeah hahah at the Zebra that was some funny stuff that day , I am in Ga. so I heard and seen all about it! I was like run little Zebra RUN