SUPERBAD's Jonah Hill hosted SNL and 'BITCH IS THE NEW BLACK?!?!!'

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SUPERBAD's Jonah Hill hosted SNL and 'BITCH IS THE NEW BLACK?!?!!'

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Been awhile... so let's go!

I really dig SNL and have always. It was really neat that they had Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill host. The Apatow gang are getting out there. They both did really did very funny shows. Jonah Hill really did good had me really laughing.

Tina Fey hosted the first show after the strike and it was really good to see her at SNL again, doing what she does best. During weekend update she came in to lay information on well just watch.........

Oh if there's some problem w/ the player go download one for free here......
[Font size=4 face=i color=navy] - FREE Flash Player DOWNLOAD!!!'[/font]

[Font size=4 face=t color=navy]Tina Fey on Update[/font]

Now! On this past weekend update (March the 15th, twenty Oh Eight) under Jonah Hill's hosted show, Tracy Morgan had his take...........

[Font size=4 face=t color=navy]Update: Tracy Morgan

Both very funny. I'm just wondering if there was any tension or if there is going to be any tension when they go back to working on their show 30 Rock.

Now! don't start getting all out of sorts, they're both friends and I dig them both equally.
Now! to get all that shakin' off here's some great stuff from Jonah Hill's gig. He was great hopefully he gets recurring hosting duties like Walken ( Who by the way is going to host the next time there'll be a new show in April).

[Font size=4 face=t color=navy]Six Year Old
[Font size=4 face=t color=navy]: Jonah as a 6 year old[/font]

[Font size=4 face=t color=navy]Digital Short: Andy's Dad
[Font size=4 face=t color=navy]: If you remember the "Dick in a Box" thing, here's another one of those digital shorts but with Jonah Hill[/font]

They both had me really laughing, but the last one was a bit rowdy. Which is what made it funny. Okay PEACE!!!
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Re: SUPERBAD's Jonah Hill hosted SNL and 'BITCH IS THE NEW BLACK?!?!!'

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Yeah funny stuff.....Bitch is the new black but black is the new president bitch LOL .. also with Jonah's stuff I've always really prefered their Digital short clips over the live in studio skits ...but I guess if they didnt do the skits it wouldnt be Saturday Night Live anymore
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Re: SUPERBAD's Jonah Hill hosted SNL and 'BITCH IS THE NEW BLACK?!?!!'

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:lol: :lol: :lol:
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