child killed for not saying 'please'

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Re: child killed for not saying 'please'

Post by Appaloosa »

yeah i was inbetween spankings and murder...i guess im lucky....its just a wrong hit somewhere an that turns a whuppin beatin into a murder .....but then too that is why i sed thats vicious when someone goes on a tangent spree just to kill a small do what your that is why the chain of abuse goes on and on.....i broke the chain..i never hit my children ....i read that the only way to avoid things like this is to break the chain ....i wanted my children to grow up halfway if they spoiled so least they arent goin the other way
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Re: child killed for not saying 'please'

Post by tamra »


I hear that! because it definitely is a cycle, or just following what was done to them. yet every child can't be disciplined the same way, that's where actual parenting steps in to understand that. ;p like you knew what your limit was, as in what wasn't right, unlike some derranged mofos like these 2 crazy bastards who just don't get it. can you imagine if the child had lived and went through year after year of the same abuse with no counseling? 8-O
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