Tina Eubanks Murder

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Tina Eubanks Murder

Post by abnormalandbitchy »

Im posting this here .. This story like most others is heart breaking .. but so much closer to me Tina Marie Eubanks (Kirby) was the mother of my four beautiful step children *cries* 8 years ago when My husband and her got Divorced her new husband moved her and the kids and we lost all contact with them. Oddly i told My husband when i met the new husband that i did not like him , his eyes were evil .. About a yr ago I made the comment that he seemed like the kind of guy that would kill her if he thought he had half a reason... Little did I know that On Dec 13th 2006 .. That day came and When Tina heard one of my oldest daughters call out for help ..(as her step father was attempting to sexually assult her) That was when he decided he would Tie up my two younger Step daughters with duct tape along with his own daughter who was only 6 and tell them he had to kill their mother.. He then Went on to Strangle Tina .. he then called his dad and several friends to tell them he had killed his wife..Now after 8 long years we have no found our Beautiful Step children only 3hrs from here .. they are hurting .. Tina lost her life horrible .. and it has left me numb , heart broken and in pieces I cant seem to get it right in my head



NACOGDOCHES - One day after their mother was found dead and their father suspected in her death, the children of Tina Marie Eubanks played on a trampoline near the rear of their Nacogdoches home.

Family elders watched over the children at the home at 1730 Sheffield Drive as their father remained in a local hospital after apparently ingesting a large quantity of some type of medicine.

Police arrested Timothy Thomas Eubanks, 37, early Thursday morning in a rural part of the county after an intense manhunt. His 36-year-old wife was found dead after Eubanks called a friend saying she was dead and he was contemplating suicide.

The friend called police. Nacogdoches Police Department Public Information Officer Sgt. Greg Sowell said Eubanks, the Nacogdoches Medical Center director of medical imaging, was taken into custody about 1:30 a.m. in the Little's Chapel community east of Nacogdoches.

"Late yesterday our officers were able to obtain an arrest warrant for the subject on the charge of murder," Sowell said. "The search for Mr. Eubanks intensified and NPD detectives with the help of Nacogdoches County Constable Chuck Copeland and his deputies were able to apprehend the suspect by using electronic surveillance."

Sowell would not explain what type of surveillance equipment was used or how the woman died.

He did say the woman's body, which was found in a locked bedroom, showed no apparent signs of trauma.

"I can't say at this time how she died. I can only say it was homicide," he said. "He (Eubanks) is under arrest and under constant guard at the hospital."

Police say the two older children had gone to school, while the three youngest children were home when they arrived. The children were not hurt.

Family members told the Tyler Morning Telegraph Thursday they were surrounding the couple's children, ages 7 to 16, with love and would be taking care of them.

"We are getting through," Timothy Kirby (Mrs. Eubanks' brother) said. "The older kids are adjusting, but the younger ones have asked where their mother is sleeping tonight."

He painted a picture of his sister as being a woman who lived her life with fun, her family and her strong faith.

"She was hard-working and would never turn down the opportunity to help someone if they needed it," he said. "She was at the church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Nacogdoches) at least three times a week. She believed in having fun and ... she did all of this while taking care of her five children."

Sowell said the investigation continues and detectives are still gathering evidence.

Daughters tell story of mother’s murder

The daughters of Tina Eubanks say they heard their mother scream right before she died.

Police released new details about the mother of five who was murdered last week. The police investigation reveals some frightening moments for the children in the home when their mother was murdered early Wednesday morning. The kids told police how they heard their mother's last words.

Police say they found Tina Eubanks' body on her bed inside the home on Sheffield Drive. The arrest affidavit tells the story of three scared girls whose stepfather bound them with duct tape.

One of the girls says it started when she cried for help while she says her own stepfather was trying to sexually assault her.

Tim Eubanks, a radiologist at the Nacogdoches Medical Center, is the husband who police have arrested and charged with murder.

The girls say they heard him arguing with their mother right before she screamed, pleading for her oldest son to help.

However, he wasn't home to help. He was sitting in a classroom as police say his mother was strangled.

The girls say their stepfather told them "he had to kill their mother."

Police say before he left the girls, Tim Eubanks called several people to say his wife was dead, and he'd taken a lot of stuff to kill himself.

Police finally caught the overdosed man in a nearby town, where they arrested him.

All five kids are now living with their grandmother and have a protective order keeping their stepfather at bay.

Nacogdoches police are now waiting for autopsy results to confirm Tim Eubanks strangled his wife. This case will then go before a grand jury
Behind every beautiful thing there is some kind of pain - Bob Dylan
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Re: Tina Eubanks Murder

Post by tamra »


I am really sorry to hear this. and I know what you mean about someone w/evil eyes. my best friend was murdered by someone who had the coldest eyes. and even planned his murder. he was a wonderful person. living proof that evil is always looking every day for a target. and I wish I could go back in time to remove that person from his life.

but know that the love you have for Tina can never be destroyed by dirt, yanno
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Re: Tina Eubanks Murder

Post by abnormalandbitchy »

Like my step children have said this has happened for a reason , if it hadnt happend they would still be in a horrible situation and now that i know more detail on what these kids have faced well if i could id kill the fucker myself!
But we are back together with these amazing children now and i know that this must make tina smile her children are safe again , and she died to save them and to make sure they were safe. that is the most horrific and heroic thing a mom will ever do :)
Behind every beautiful thing there is some kind of pain - Bob Dylan
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Re: Tina Eubanks Murder

Post by Appaloosa »

sad to hear of the story but you are right ....it is heroic..

i know exactly what you are talking about....one sociopath i know had eyes like a shark.....blackest black an predatory....i am sure he killed before but i cant prove anything.....he plays a game an it is dangerous...he is a stalker.....an like if you know stalkers...they never quit....i always heard of the phrase ..."this town aint big enough for the both of us"...well now i know exactly what that means.....
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