The Jena Six

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The Jena Six

Post by robfharris »

There is a "Jena Six" thread on here right?
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Re: The Jena Six

Post by EddieHill »

robfharris, You see this on the news and think what the fuck, The whole story of The Jena Six episode is a disgrace to everyone involved in that community. African Americans and White Americans should be sticking together like one big happy family, and help fight the cocksuckers responsible for 911. It is a big disgrace that the little shit head president Tom of Iran is comming to Columbia Univercity to bring his hitler shit to the students with his historical jackoff speach. Our government says they have to protect him and that is a bunch of shit.
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Re: The Jena Six

Post by Murphdogg »

I think you just started one.
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Re: The Jena Six

Post by tamra »


well, what do you think about it?

there have been so many email threads going around about the case. in hind sight should have dropped some of the articles on board. pretty insightful.

but this kind of thing down south or in Louisiana doesn't surprise me. has been happening since Jim Crow and small towns like this have their own justice still.
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