Unbelievable because it is!!!

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Unbelievable because it is!!!

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So I am sorry to have to revisit this bullshit and post these egrecious lies that Rain persists in telling...I guess her pregnancy didn't improve her IQ or her ability to decipher truth from fiction.
The only thing that Rain did between 1999-2004 was show up, ONLY OCCASSIONALLY...sit and smoke cigarettes, talk about herself, ask for money and leave...and we were relieved when she did!
I supposed her motivation in telling these lies is for the purpose of making money:
she is promoting the MS Society which both Richard and I found entirely useless as well as mercenary...(95% of their donations goes to big salaries, the rest to research).
And she is promoting some kind of medication for MS that is not proven nor did Richard use.
So Rain, get a life and stop making money on your lies about what you did for your father...you did shit!This is tired and these old lies is a sad sad way to honor your father!

1999 - 2004 My father's voice faded rapidly to almost a whisper. He was now completely wheelchair bound and depended on others for his needs. As his daughter, I learned how to care for some one with a debilitating disease. I learned how to clean his feeding tubes, medications and medication interactions, help him from his wheelchair to the bed, monitor his interactions through out the day or course of our visits. His ability to communicate is still there if you take the time to listen and to understand fully the disease of MS. b.b
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