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UPDATE: To date, a total of $4,975.00 has been raised in the monumental effort to help "winterize" the new dog shelter and cat trailer at the Tucker County Animal Control in Parsons, WV. We are SOOO close to being able to say we've raised the entire $7,000.00 needed to bring the dogs in from the brutal cold winter winds and snow and to help keep the kitties warmer. However, if we stop now, the shelter floors and walls will be able to be sealed, but there won't be any money left to purchase the kennel doors. The dogs will still be out in the cold.....literally.

If you haven't yet sent in your donation, this is just a friendly reminder to PLEASE (pretty please?) do so ASAP. Simply send it to: Tucker County Animal Shelter, PO Box 147, Parsons, WV 26287. The sooner we hit the goal, the sooner the furbabies will all be snuggled safe and warm inside.

While I like to refer to Tucker as "the little shelter that could," I hope that my next update is entitled "the little shelter that DID!" With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we're eternally grateful to each and every person who contributed to this very worthy cause. Remember, we CAN do penny, one dollar, one heart-felt wish at a time.


In case you missed this in your inbox a couple of weeks ago, here's the short version of it:

Two people (who both wish to remain anonymous) have now come forward to help make a large dent in raising the nearly $7,000 needed to get the dogs out of the impending cold and into the new building that still needs some work done on it at the Tucker County Animal Shelter. One person has committed to donating $1,500 outrightly to Tucker County Animal Control to get the shelter and trailer winterized. The other person has offered to personally match dollar-for-dollar the next $1,500 that's donated by other individuals for the same purposes. That means your $5.00 gift will instantly become a $10.00 one. Give $100.00 and that person will immediately see to it that it's worth $200.00. GUARANTEED!!!

If you can make a financial donation in ANY AMOUNT to this awesome undertaking, please take a moment and go to to see how to do so (basically all you need to do is send it to: Tucker County Animal Shelter, PO Box 147, Parsons, WV 26287 - PayPal will hopefully be an option someday soon). Please make a note that your donation is for the New Shelter Fund and that you'd like it to be matched. All monetary donations are tax deductible.

Funding from the surrounding area has pretty much been depleted and Minnie and Cathy, the ACO's and Shelter Managers at Tucker, have literally been paying for many daily expenses directly out of their own pocket. Private donations are now URGENTLY NEEDED from the world outside of Tucker County.

A roll of nickels, a ten dollar bill, a one-hundred dollar all makes this dream a reality.

Tucker County Animal Control

Parsons, WV
Telephone: 304-478-4969
email: (
or (
Shelter Hours: By appointment seven days a week

These posts are sent out by me as a small way to try to help those in need.
They are NEVER meant to upset those who cannot offer assistance.
Please know that I thank each and every one of you
who works so tirelessly doing what you do on a never-ending basis.
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