When a rescuer turns into a hoarder.

Jennifer vents! Put on your hard hat and safety goggles before you enter!

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When a rescuer turns into a hoarder.

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http://pryorsplanet.com/0/8504/0/1113/ - When a rescuer turns into a hoarder.'

Thank you everyone who is sending emails of support, they are most definitely out weighing the negativity! Also, so many of you are sharing personal experiences in rescue about this very kind of thing: attacks for telling the truth; experiences with hoarders, etc, and experiences with Alex Kyrklund herself.

But as I reflect on this, this is what telling the truth is all about: standing tall in the face of all the lies and all the damage that people like Alex create. And getting attacked for it is the collateral havoc that comes with it. Alex's supporters have enabled this behavior, continue to do so and in the process, have put many animals in danger. Shame on them. I am also realizing, that it goes beyond enabling...they enable for another reason....they share the same mentality. They are defending themselves as well.

I just lost a friend; at least someone I thought was a friend, to this twisted belief system. She herself has been teetering on the brink of hoarding for quite some time....in fact; when she has considered "giving up rescue" she demonstrates with that very statement that it is an addiction. We all have "given up" things that are not good for us: one gives up alcohol, drugs, sex, sugar, shopping, gambling, a bad boyfriend, etc. I can't conceive of "giving up" rescue because it is a part of my being, a calling if you will. It takes me; I follow, but with my eyes open.

I do believe that balance is something we all need to seek in rescue and we do struggle with that...so every time there is a hoarder in our midst, it is a cautionary tale. Who among us wouldn't like to save all them all? But the reality speaks loudly, that we can only do what we can do. As a wise person once said to me when I asked her to take a German Shepherd, "Jen, I am full up, if I take one more the life boat sinks." I will always remember that...as painful as that truth and reality is....we all fight the tsunami of the animal crisis everyday...but we can only do what we can do.

And to illustrate the point, here are three that http://pryorsplanet.com/0/23503/0/1100/ - Pryor's Planet' rescued from Preitz, the Kern County Hoarder that had 112 in usnpeakable conditions!

I am grateful again, for the support and for the lessons learned right now. Although I am bloody, my shoulders are broad and can take this abuse because I am speaking the truth. There is a shedding of debris here and a profound freedom in the truth, no matter what. I am proud that I showed up and continue to show up for the animals. Nothing, can take that from me. No name calling, no smear on my character, nothing.

I keep wondering, why do so many waste their time attacking? Why aren't they busy saving and rescuing?
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