Disappointed in Dave Chappelle!

Jennifer vents! Put on your hard hat and safety goggles before you enter!

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Disappointed in Dave Chappelle!

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I asked Dave to sign on to getting those poor elephants out of the LA ZOO and end their abject suffering; removing them to a beautiful sanctuary with rolling hills, where they could socialize with other elephants, and enjoy copious amounts of land which they could roam. This sancuary would most resemble their homeland from which they were stolen...
There are certain members of LA city council, LaBonge to be specific, who want to expand this Zoo exhibit to the tune of 40 million dollars; this is money the city doesn't have and it would still be an inadequate space for these majestic creatures. We need support and I asked Dave CHappelle and his response was "I don't want to get involved."
Wow---he doesn't remind me of Richard anymore folks!!
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