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Hats and Shirts

1963 Historic Mugshot - $30.00++

*NEW* LIMITED EDITION Rare Richard Pryor Collector's Item! Exclusively available from the estate of Richard Pryor via Jennifer Lee Pryor (Tarnished Angel, Inc.). Richard Pryor's 1963 Pittsburgh Arrest Photo Tee. Note arresting officer's racist wording: "black & kinky" hair and "maroon" eyes. Back of tee displays one of Richard Pryor's most powerful quotes from his "Is It Something I Said?" concert performance. Many today are still fighting against the same injustices that others, including Richard Pryor, fought against decades ago. The discovery of mugshot and release of this exclusive, rare t-shirt is important for many reasons, it's as if Richard Pryor is protesting right alongside everyone else today!

100% cotton, high quality t-shirt.

Richard Pryor 1963 Mugshot T-Shirt
Front Details:
Richard Pryor 1963 Mugshot T-Shirt
Richard Pryor 1963 Mugshot T-Shirt
Back Details:
Richard Pryor's 1963 Mugshot T-Shirt

Triple Shot Tee - Brown - $18.99

Triple Shot Tee - Brown
Richard Pryor Triple Shot Brown Tee


I Gotta Get Paid Tee - $16.99

I Gotta Get Paid Tee
"I get paid to make an ass out of myself.
What's your excuse?" T-Shirt


Kiss Ass Tee - $19.99

Kiss Ass Tee
"You can kiss my happy black ass!" T-Shirt


The Black Tee - $19.99

The Black Richard Pryor Tee
Jamie Foxx wishes he had a shirt this dope.


The Gotta Have the Money Tee - $16.99

Richard Pryor: The Gotta Have the Money Tee
The Gotta Have The Money T-shirt from a classic Richard Pryor performance


Triple Shot Tee - Blue - $18.99

Triple Shot Tee - Blue
Richard Pryor Triple Shot Blue Tee