I realized I haven't ever called another guy 'Punk'. So I went a lookin.

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I realized I haven't ever called another guy 'Punk'. So I went a lookin.

Post by walrusjk » Sun Jul 22, 2007 11:46 pm

Headed out my front door, headed straight down the street and searched for someone to call "Punk". I was feeling mean. So I walked down a street or two and saw some kids playing with a ball. I dunno about six and eight. So I gave them a pass. I passed them by and said something like.."You two be careful. Look both ways if you cross the street and mind your mother." Then after a wave or two kept truckin to find the right guy, teenager or grown up to call "Punk" to. Next street there was a little old lady pruning her bushes. She was sweating and singing a bit so I said..."Hey! It's kinda hot to be doing that kinda work eh?" She said.."Sure is but I got some fresh squeezed lemonaide. Care to join me in a glass?" I said.." Oh thank you. Maybee just half a glass." She got the lemonaide and was so nice I figured I'd help with the trimmings and clean up. After a few hours and nice conversation the neighbourhood cat came up to my leg and started rolling his head around my ankle. Couldn't call him punk. So I went home and laid down to take a nap. All of a sudden Bush came on TV and I shouted out.."Fuck you punk!" Laid back down and went to sleep. Mission accomplished.
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