Ode to Richard Pryor (for Jennifer)

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Ode to Richard Pryor (for Jennifer)

Post by LilHippie » Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:13 am

This is the poem I wrote for Richard. Hope you like it!

Ode to Richard Pryor

There are many many funny men
And funny women too
I listen to them time and again
Knowing no one is quite like you
The things you said way back then
Remain, are copied and will continue

True genius is a rare and special blend
You had it, yet to yourself remained true
Through the laughter, a message you did send
Teaching even the blind a thing or two
About racism being a dead end
Demanding a respect long overdue

You reached way down inside
Pulling out your very soul
Gave it to us, arms open wide
So honest and raw, we ate it whole
We laughed until we cried
Of course that was your goal

To take the tragedies of one's life
And turn it into laughter and joy
Means your mind is sharp as a knife
And we kept getting a new toy
No matter what our personal strife
The gift of laughter always from our boy

"Go looking for justice" you said to your peers
"You'll find just us" you did shout
Funny, yet cutting like shears
Sending a message without a doubt
You had no boundaries or fears
And that's what comedy is all about

The "justice" one was so good
The feminist in me stole it
Not really, for I never could
Just borrowed it for women cause it fit
But steal from you many would
They could never steal the wit

When I think of you my brilliant friend
Cheetahs chase gazelles inside my head
And Mudbone's Little Feets will never mend
A 200 year old man in blue, white and red
Reminds us his memmory has no end
And on fire, a genius runs up ahead
He didn't listen to Jim, his friend
Many times did this young man wed
Ending life with "the one," his best friend
Richard, our love for you could never end
It lives evermore in the joy you spread

By, Irene M. Smith,
Caldwell, New Jersey
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Re: Ode to Richard Pryor (for Jennifer)

Post by Jennifer » Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:59 pm

luv it lilhippie!
keep on writing!!xoxo b.b
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