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The problem with Chris Rock...

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:05 am
by Jennifer
Chris Rock wants to be a producer on the RP bio pic...a producer with me...
after these remarks, which I am certain, he will insist were meant to be 'funny'...over my dead body he goes anywhere near the Richard Pryor bio pic! Richard loved animals-he never would have condoned Mike Vick's behavior in a joke such as this...

Richard would have talked about the Pit's feelings and taking Vick's balls off! Go fuck yourself Chris Rock!

[url][/url] - Chris Rock on Jay Leno'

Re: The problem with Chris Rock...

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:08 am
by Jennifer
We were on the front page of Variety today and the timing is unfortunate for it comes the same day I am forced to write this letter!

Richard and I established Pryor's Planet, a non-profit, before he passed, for the purpose of rescuing and rehabilitating homeless and abused or neglected dogs, so they can go into loving, forever homes! PRYOR'S PLANET is an all breed rescue: which means, we rescue everything from little white, fluffy dogs to Pitbulls.
We currently have 40 dogs we are caring for while they await their forever homes.

Among these 40 dogs, Pryor's Planet has 7 Pitbulls (actually American Staffordshire Terriers), all of whom are receiving care and training while they await their forever homes, at great expense I might add! Each one is a sweet and affectionate dog who was mistreated, or dumped or neglected all because of their breed! These are sentient, thinking beings with real feelings.
Chris asks, "What did Vick do? Pit bulls aren't real dogs anyway." If he doesn't understand at this point then I guess he never will. If you're taking Vick's side, it's unforgivable. This is as bad as if a white guy on a 50's talk show defended killing a black man. "I mean, it's not like he's a real human. What did he do?"

Regarding those comments Chris: "What did Michael Vick do? Pitbulls aren't even real dogs!"
What Michael Vick did was torture, drown, electrocute and murder several dogs all for fun and for profit! He went to prison for FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY! That's what he did!

Because of your insensitive and ignorant remarks that you made on The Jay Leno Show,The David Letterman show and various public forums and websites; I have notified my attorney and Bill Condon directly that I don't want you, Chris Rock, associated with the Richard Pryor Bio Pic---UNLESS, you find a way to retract and apologize for these comments in some public way.
Clearly this is part of your latest stand-up routine which frankly, would not make Richard laugh!

Richard knew you and I know you, Chris, you are not from the streets, nor are you a country to whom are you trying to appeal with these outrageous remarks? These type of comments only foment and encourage abuse and misunderstanding of this breed as well as actual dog fighting. Kind of like Rush Limbaugh does for the crazy right!
Do you want to become the Rush Limbaugh to the rescue community?

I have personally been involved in saving Pits from fight rings in Texas and California and in fact have one in my personal pack who was used as a 'bait dog' in a fight ring...a sweet, young puppy who is now a sweet adult dog!
Below is a video link to a dog we rescued from Bakersfield Shelter, abused and starved...he is the sweetest dog!

Below is a video link to a dog we rescued from Bakersfield Shelter, abused and starved...he is the sweetest dog!

[url][/url] - Eli The Great Video'

Re: The problem with Chris Rock...

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:40 pm
by Jennifer
Matthew Labov wrote:


Thank you for your note.
He told a joke and millions of people laughed. It was just a joke, not meant to inflame you.

Thank you.


This is what I replied...

I am not stupid, I have a great sense of humor...I married Richard Pryor twice, for hell's sake... and worked with him on several projects...I KNOW WHAT'S FUNNY!
I knew that this would be the standard answer--doesn't cut it!

Chris pounded his fists on the chair and asked: "what did Mike Vick do!" He went on to say: 'Pit bulls aren't even real dogs"...then of course, he went on to say it's a 'white people don't like dogs, yadayada...'---and finished his highly unfunny, dated, routine!
Your patronizing comment, " It was just a joke, not meant to inflame you.---"
is insult to injury! I assure you, many others are shocked and 'INFLAMED' as you put it, about this!
If you think this is damage control, you have fallen very short in your job.
One need only Google Chris Rock and Michael Vick to see just who else is disturbed by these comments.
"Millions of people laughing" doesn't make it OK.
Apparently, it's a black thing to defend Michael Vick...and bash Pit bulls!
Now, please understand my position: I am Director of a rescue organization established by Richard and myself and named after Richard, I cannot have anyone associated, with the Pryor name, who publicly defends a known animal abuser and feels this way about dogs in general.Therefore,Chris will not be associated with Richard Pryor and any project about Richard.
And if you have checked, to see if I have any 'power' to enforce this, I assure you I do.

As stated in my previous email, both my attorney and Bill Condon are aware of how strongly I feel and of my commitment to animal welfare.

And to repeat what I stated earlier, let the chips fall where they may.

You had an opportunity to try to repair this and you have chosen to patronize and minimize.

Re: The problem with Chris Rock...

Posted: Sun Aug 29, 2010 12:09 pm
by Jennifer
and Matthew, you are just as much of an asshole...
go fuck yourself too for even trying to make that sad ass excuse!